Yuck It Up Gift Box


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Five yucky microbes diverged in a yellow wood
And glad I could love warts and all
And be one human, long I stood
And looked as long as I could
To when it captured my joyfulness.

Whether yellow, brown or green, these microbes will keep infections at bay and happiness all day!
Keep a healthy sense of humor and enjoy these Yuck It Up microbes!

Yuck It Up themed gift box includes these minis: Vomit, Pee, Ear Wax, Wart and Toe Jam.


It may be repulsive, but vomiting is a useful defense mechanism to protect your body from poisons, microbes, allergens and other gut irritations. Smells, anxiety or motion may also trigger it. Powerful muscle contractions force open the esophageal sphincter and compress the stomach, sending unwanted contents upward and out. There is even a vomiting center in the brain called the area postrema that receives signals from your gut’s nervous system. Barf, puke, hurl, upchuck… whatever you call it, vomiting can help keep you healthy!

Gee whiz, your urine has a long trip starting as food and drink absorbed into your bloodstream! Blood constantly passes through your kidneys, perhaps the most complex organ after the brain. These two blood-scrubbing, fluid-balancing wonders filter about 400 gallons of blood daily. Most of the liquid reenters your blood and about 0.5 gallons of waste matter, salt and water leave each day as pee. Urochrome makes your pee yellow; pale yellow means you’re well hydrated. Vitamin B turns pee neon bright and blackberries turn it reddish. So when you urinate, tinkle, or micturate just know that pee is #1 !

Ear Wax
Your ear canals are warm and moist, just the environment that microbes love! Our ears protect themselves by producing wax, or cerumen. Earwax traps microbes and unwanted gunk that try to enter. It also contains enzymes and good bacteria to help fight infections. But listen up! If you wear headphones a lot, listen to loud music or are surrounded by dirt, you might have too much earwax, risking hearing loss. Your doctor can help with removal.

Warts are hard, raised, flesh-colored lumps on your skin. Warts are not caused by kissing a frog, but are rather from viruses that confuse the skin’s cell factory. Most warts go away by themselves within a few months. To speed things up, ask a health expert for the best wart-wise treatments.

Toe Jam
What’s that crud stuck between your toes? Toe jam is a mix of dead skin cells, dirt and sock fibers. Your feet are anatomical marvels with over 200,000 sweat glands secreting all day to keep your feet moist and cool. So mix sweat and bacteria into your toe jam and you may get bromodosis or stinky feet! Just keep your toes dry and clean, and have a fresh, jam-free day!