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Tooth (Molar)

Tooth (Molar)

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You already have a mouthful, but this tooth is the cutest of them all. This cuddly tooth even has a zippered pocket where your child can put baby teeth for the tooth fairy’s visit.

All About Tooth (Molar)

FACTS: Smile! Learning about teeth is not like pulling teeth. Kids have 20 and after the tooth fairy stops visiting you’ll have up to 32 teeth. Armadillos have over 100, spinner dolphins over 200 and certain snails have 25,000! But don’t be jealous, at least we have more teeth than a blue whale, which has none. Humans have four types. Incisors are sharp for cutting and chopping. Canines are pointy for piercing and tearing. Premolars are broad with twin cusps for crushing and chewing. Molars are massive and flat for grinding food. If your wisdom teeth erupt you will have 12 molars in all. Be wise, grab your toothbrush and take care of them all since once an adult tooth is lost, it is gone for good. And brushing is a lot easier than in the old days when people used twigs and iron rust. We know George Washington had tooth troubles, but his dentures weren’t wood, rather they were made of ivory, metal alloys, horse, cow and human teeth.

The visible part of each tooth, the crown, is covered by enamel, the body's hardest material. Underneath is the the bone-like dentin which encloses the soft pulp chamber. Inside are the blood vessels and nerve endings. The dentin and pulp chamber reach down into the root, attached firmly into your jawbone by a living glue called cementum. Every day millions of bacteria, especially Streptococcus mutans, gather on your teeth eating sugars and forming a layer of plaque. More plaque means decay and cavities. So help your teeth stay healthy and strong. S. mutans won’t be happy, but your teeth will be smiling!


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